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Research Studies

Evidence suggests that curiosity promotes a range of positive outcomes from exploration and persistence in information seeking to academic performance and longer-term well-being. See below for links to relevant research publications from our own and others' work!

Recent Publications

Curiosity promotion and suppression in preschool classrooms

How do I support early scientific thinking in my students?

Is it important that children enjoy school? 

Does school enjoyment support academic development?

Could we measure curiosity in the classroom?

How and why should we do it?

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How do we keep children engaged and curious in a virtual setting?

Are curiosity and creativity related? How so?

What are the benefits of being curious?

Does it affect my social relationships, my well-being?

Could curiosity support children's math and reading learning?

Can we improve students' engagement by supporting their curious behavior?

Do children express curiosity at school?

Media Presence

Field Trip

Four Ways to Inspire Humble Curiosity in Your Students



Chemistry Homework

Science thinking, uncertainty and kids

choose to be curious #142

Impact in education through research-practice partnerships

Reading with Magnifying Glass

The Benefits of Cultivating Curiosity in Kids

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